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When cropping one image the face needs to be centered and proportional.
Bad Cropping:

Non proportional
Good Cropping:

Proportional Hair,
Neck and face
Hint : In most cases you can use the triangle formed by the eyes and mouth to center the character portrait. In some cases the full body picture can be used if the body has distinct characteristics (animals, chibis...)
Step 1: (Main details)
  1. Write part of the series title to get hints (for example write "bas" for "My Bastion Team"), if you're adding several characters for one series you only need to do this once
  2. Click the hint to add the complete series' title to the field, if the series does not exist you'll have to write the complete title manually
  3. Write the Character name, you will get the percentage of similar matches if any.
  4. Choose one image to crop (Local or Remote)
  5. Add other aditional details if you wish (alt. character names, description)
  6. Choose the cropping area (It's recommended Custom if the image isn't already cropped)
  7. Click Insert to go to step 2 (or to finalize if you didn't choose custom cropping)
Step 2: (Custom Cropping)
  1. Click the dark preview area to call the crop selection to desired spot
  2. Resize the selection until you're satisfied (You may preview the result below)
  3. Click "Insert" to finalize or Click "Insert and crop this image again" to extract more characters from the same image
Step 3: (Only if you started the series)
  1. After you're done submitting all characters for the series you started, you may load the series page (check your profile contributions and click the series link) and add further details (Alternate titles and/or description) by clicking the edit icon.
  • It's very important series' title matches the existing exactly (if you're not sure, play with the hints or use the search page)
Alternate forms are secondary forms where characters look different.
To add alternate forms load form manager through the link on character details.

Alternate form common to more than one character

If two or more characters have the same alternate form, you'll have to add the form for the first character and then make a link for each of the other character(s).
Note that the bookmarks of common forms will always use the first character as representative.

Choosing the Main Form

If a character has many forms the main form will follow the priority list below (choose the first that applies):
  1. Human form
  2. Most relevant
  3. First to appear
bookmarks allow users to build a favourite list for their profiles.
To bookmark a character (or an alternate form) just click the at character page, when it becomes the character is bookmarked, to unbookmark just click again. (Now it's also possible to build favorites directly on your profile using the Ajax application.)
It's also possible to bookmark character's forms, to do it just go to the form manager by clicking the symbol at details.
Bookmark Series by accessing the series' page and clicking the heart symbol. If the series that you bookmarked have a header, in your profile the respective entry will be displayed as image instead of text.
The Ranking system attributes each character a position according to the votes received. Only characters which received more than X votes are attributed a ranking.
Groups purpose is to organize characters that have something in common (part of a team, family...).
While editing a group item you can choose which image to display (Main, Forms...).
The search box you find at the top of the website.
Its syntax is as follows: [CharName][,SeriesName]

Only by providing standalone keyword(s) the search box will try to find characters that match all words (partially or entirely). If no character matches are found it will try to find matches on Series.

If smart search finds only one match it will redirect to it, if not, will use advanced Search to display the results.

You can tell it to behave differently by using a comma ",":
  • Namehint,SeriesHint -> looks for a character while restricting to Series hint(s).
  • ,SeriesHint -> looks only for series matching the hint(s). (When redirecting to Advanced Search to display multiple results the "Display results as series" will be on, only one character per series will be displayed!)
Note that unlike this box, the advanced Search page ( does not make any adjustments and will only show what you ask it.
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